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About Christry Xinru Huang

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Christry Xinru Huang is a multi-disciplinary designer with specialized experience in service design, UI&User experience, product design, and interactive design who currently based on London and Guangzhou. As an observer and explorer of the world, xinru is keen on multi-dimensional thinking and forward-looking vision to propose future possibilities of innovative perspectives.

With the background of product design and interactive programming,Christry has more than a year of internship experience in product design, human-computer interaction and software platform development at Tsinghua University Future Lab, Beihang University and Suning. After that, Christry focused more on user experience design and service design. Combining the abilities he has learned in design thinking, user analysis, psychology and material science, Christry is good at using speculative design and critical thinking, and applies it to the development and iteration of digital products through research and analysis in multi-dimensional fields. And has two years of work experience in some companies such as Haibaichuan Artificial Intelligence Company and Think Design Collaborative.


Christry also have sufficient experiences cooperate with professional performers , dancers , musicians ,psychologists and biological Scientists , which cooperative projects are also exhibited and performed around the world . Christry always believes that by cooperating with professionals in different fields, the project can be in-depth, explored and excavated in multiple dimensions.

At the same time, Christry is good at using various tools collaboratively, such as digital art vision, programming and interactive experience technology, immersive interior architecture and 3D physical installations and mechanical engineering to create unique interactive systems and methods, and invoke multi-sensory experience design.                  


Christry’s projects have won the Red Dot Award, IF Award, UX Design Award and the final quota for the RCA*LG cooperation competition project. The project has also been exhibited at Biodesign in the Netherlands, IRCAM at the Center Pompidou in France, and the Old Street Gallery in London. Exhibiting and performing at Ocean Leisure and London/Beijing Design Week.

Christry具有产品设计和交互编程背景,在清华大学未来实验室,北京航空航天大学和苏宁易购有一年多的产品设计、人机交互和软件平台开发的实习经验。在这之后,Christry更专注于用户体验设计和服务设计。结合所学的设计思维、用户分析、心理学和材料科学的能力,Christry能够善于运用思辨设计和批判性思维,通过多维度领域的研究和分析总结运用在数字产品的开发和迭代中。并在海百川和THINK DESIGN COLLABORATIVE等拥有两年的工作经历。







Christry的项目曾获得红点奖、IF奖、UX设计奖和RCA*LG合作竞赛项目最终参选名额 ,项目同时也曾经在荷兰的Biodesign、法国蓬皮杜艺术中心的IRCAM、伦敦的Old Street Gallery和Ocean Leisure以及伦敦/北京设计周等进行展出与表演。


MA Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art (UK)

BA Product design, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CN)

Royal College of Art - Innovative Design Engineering

(Exchange Student)




Work Experience

Researcher of China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association

Organizational consultant of SparkX China-British Science and Technology Innovation


​Interactive Designer

2019.8 - Now


User interface/experience Designer


Apply strategic and futuristic design thinking to innovate new services across various industries.

Demonstrated agility by providing design consultancy services to clients across various industries, including finance, education, art, design, manufacturing, non-profit, and sustainability.

China Merchants Bank

User experience Designer


Haibaichuan Artificial Intelligence Company

Product Manager

2020.3-2020.10 (full-time)
2020.10-2021.4 (Part-time)

(AI-star virtual idol project product manager & head of interaction design)

Faber-Castell (Guangzhou) Stationery Co., Ltd.

Product Manager


(e-commerce platform, e-commerce products)

Inter Experience






Royal College of Art

Teaching assistant

Tsinghua University Future Laboratory

Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Intern & Senior User Experience and Service System Design Research Center Intern

Senlong Video Technology

Human-computer interaction designer

Suning(Online retail platform)

Interaction Designer (UX&Programming)

McKinsey & Company Shanghai

Data Analysis assistant 

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